What others are saying

kirkus_500x95 Kirkus Reviews:

‘A beautifully realized novel that doesn’t shy away from describing the horrors of war as well as life’s moments of beauty.’

‘intricately textured narrative.’

‘Peek manages to weave the 20th century history of Nicaragua together with a moving story of betrayal and redemption, without sacrificing the tale’s descriptive beauty.’


The Midwest Book Review:mbr

‘…no casual read.’

Of Giants and Other Men is a sleeping giant, in and of itself. It promises much, evolves its plot slowly and carefully. The result is satisfyingly complex, recommended both for readers already familiar with Nicaragua’s culture and politics and for absolute newcomers who will find these facets easy to absorb in the process of understanding one boy’s growth and journey toward and within manhood.’


  pdxbrlogo Portland Book Review:

“A pretty strong read throughout.”

“a story about familial riffs, the contemplation of becoming like one’s parent, and the question of how love comes about and why it ends. There’s power in the tale of Tomas and Fausto.”

Of Giants and Other Men has plenty of charm to it, as well as compelling dialogue and beautiful descriptions. It is a book that sticks.”


sanfranciscobookreview_logo_90San Francisco Book Review:

Of Giants and Other Men begins and ends with an untimely death, but the middle is where the reader is well, and truly, hooked.’

‘Most memorable is Peek’s unique talent for capturing surroundings through the most under-referenced of senses: scent. (…) These elements are where Peek shows the most potential to become a great writer.’

‘Recommended for fans of literary fiction.’